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No matter what you do, there is no avoiding stress – it affects all of us. With the pace of life today, stress comes at us from many different places and has a severe impact on our health.

Stress is a leading contributing factor in illnesses such as: anxiety disorders, weight problems, depression, premature aging, heart disease, chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, memory loss/brain fog, migraines, PMS, postpartum depression, sleep problems, seasonal affective disorders, joint disorders and sexual dysfunction. One important and often ignored key to feeling great and living a healthy lifestyle is to understand how well you manage (or ignore) stress. Armed with this information, you can make targeted changes to lower your stress level, cope better, and recover more quickly from stress.

Stress Indicator by VoicePrism™ is the first consumer software that can help discover the causes of stress through vocal analysis. Stress Indicator measures stress in five key parts of your life: home, work, love, friends and plans.

Stress has a significant impact on America’s health: it’s estimated that over 75 percent of all doctor visits are for stress-related ailments or complaints. Don’t let stress negatively affect your life. Get the Stress Indicator today and start living a better, healthier, and longer life!

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