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Stress Indicator

Our Stress Indicator software is the first consumer software product that can help discover the causes of stress through vocal analysis. Using advanced vocal analysis technology, it is a simple tool that can help correctly identify which of the areas of a person’s life are causing stress. Learn More

Market Research

Our market research software solutions take you from simply listening to what your customers say, to understanding the deeper insights of how they think, feel, and make purchasing decisions. It's market research like you've never seen before. Learn More

Call Center Solutions

Make every call count. Your call center is the front line of your communications with current and potential customers. Our software informs you of exactly how these phone interactions are going, so you can improve the performance and profitability of your call center. Learn More

Human Resource Solutions

Make smarter hiring decisions. Our human resource software solutions streamline your pre-screening employment processes, so you can quickly identify qualified applicants. Our Employee Satisfaction Surveys and Exit Interviews help you understand your employees’ preferences and causes of dissatisfaction with an accuracy never before possible. Learn More

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