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John B. Tidwell, Ph.D
Senior Vice President of Research

John B. Tidwell, Ph.D is Senior Vice President of Research at VoicePrism. He has substantial experience in the marketing research field, including quantitative and qualitative methods, strategy development, new produce development and implementation, needs assessment, and usability testing.

Before joining VoicePrism, John was Director of Marketing Research for Sprint Nextel Corporation where he led a team of 17 researchers with a $12 million budget, and was instrumental in developing new, more robust research techniques that were cost-effective and more effective in predicting consumer behavior. He was also critical in integrating Sprint's and Nextel's research departments at the time of their merger: allocating resources, directing research functions for analyzing new brand development, and making recommendations to senior leadership for advertising and brand presentation. Prior to Sprint Nextel, John was Director of Primary Research for Nextel Communications, Inc for over three years. There he was pivotal in introducing the latest in quantitative techniques for pricing, new product development, and usabiliy testing.

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