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No matter what you do, there is no avoiding stress – it affects all of us. With the pace of life today, stress can come at us from many different places and have a severe impact on your health.

In illnesses such as heart disease, stomach and digestive problems such as gastric reflux and even obesity, stress is a significant contributing factor. The key to a healthy lifestyle is understanding how you manage stress, so you can make changes to lower your stress level, cope with stress better, and recover from stress more quickly.

Stress Indicator, made by VoicePrism™, is the first consumer software that can help discover the causes of stress through voice analysis. Stress Indicator measures stress in five key parts of your life: home, work, love, friends and plans.

Stress has a significant impact on America’s health; its estimated that over 75 percent of all doctor’s visits are for stress-related ailments or complaints. Don’t let stress negatively affect your life, get the Stress Indicator today and proactively manage your stress!

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